Book: Third Reich 1933–1945 full atlas, O. Kurylyov

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The book describes the uniform and insignia of party and state organizations of Nazi Germany: NSDAP, SA, SS, Autocorps, Flight Corps, Hitler Jugend (HJ), Labour Service (RAD), Technical Service (TeNo), Air Defense Union (RLB), Todt Organization, Speer Corps, administration of the occupied territories, police, customs... For the first time, the book systematically covers organization, rank, uniform and insignia in the Third Reich.

If you are reenacting something more sofisticated than a Heer soldier or making (advising) a movie about Europe during the war years — you must have this book! The book is a unique guide to the uniform of military and paramilitary organizations, both complete and compact.

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196х261 (А4 +), width 7 см
Paper and coverglossy, hardcover
PublisherАСТ, Russia
Year of publication2013