Marsh/Swamp camo cap

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Swamp (Sumpf, Sumpftarn) camouflaged cap made by "Replika". Cotton fabric. 2 pairs of ventilation holes. Dull-olive lining.

Visor has standart lenght (6-7 cm, not shortened) and insert of soft, conformable and resilient material that is not afraid of water. The visor is impossible to break down. It will remember its shape when fully bended. And when you bend it back it will become straight almost with no traces. 

Ink stamps (manufacturer's number, year and size) inside the cupola.

Eyelets (holes in the sides of the cap) can have a different diameter, color and fit (the distance between them) within the historical framework.

Variants of eyelets that are on the cap produced by Replika.

Variants of eyelets on the original caps. Sources:

Historical reference.

Swamp camo caps were not officialy produced for the Wehrmacht. This camouflage was introduced late during the war and was common for summer smocks and winter sets. Private makers could make camo caps. This Swamp (or Marsh) camo cap is nice for everyday use, it is useful for hunters, war archeologists etc.