Tropical cap

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Use a centimeter flexible tape to determine the size (i.e. head circumference above the ears in centimeters). How to measure correctly, please follow the link.


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Heer tropical cap of the German Afrika Korps, as well as the troops of the southern front (Italy, Greece). Made of natural breathable cotton fabric. The color of the cap is sand (tobacco shade). Heer caps were usually olive green, but quickly faded and turned any sandy colors down to white. Soldiers could purposely wash their caps out with bleach to look like veterans.

Two pairs of eyelets (metal-edged holes) on the sides, red lining and the stamp with the year of production (1942) on the lining. Visor has standart lenght (6-7 cm) and an insert of soft, conformable and resilient material that is not afraid of water. The visor is impossible to break down. It will remember its shape when fully bended. And when you bend it back it will become straight almost with no traces. 

Eyelets (holes in the sides of the cap) can have a different diameter, color and fit (the distance between them) within the historical framework.

Variants of eyelets that are on the cap produced by Replika.

Variants of eyelets on the original caps. Notice how different caps are: the size and shape of parts, the location of the seams. Sources: