Cap 1943 feldgrau with insignia

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Cap with the insignia is a bit more expensive than the insignia piece and the cap without the insignia. The patch is not easy to sew! If you are not a tailor in a workshop — it will be an evening of work. Plus, you'll have to peel off the lining and sew it back on after. Not worth saving little money if you can buy the cap with the already sewn patch at us. We do not sew patches on other caps, caps and jacket. We sell only ready-made clothes with sewn patches.

M43 made of  feldgrau cloth with olive or gray lining (depends on batch). The visor has a soft insert of several layers of fabric, so the cap can be put in your pocket and washed in the washing machine.

There are nice ink stamps inside the dome of the cap: size, year of production (1943) and the manufacturer's number in manufacturers' coding system of the Reich (RB.Nr.).

The color of the threads, cloth and lining may be slightly different from batch to batch (and from the photo), but always remains within the historical compliance. Buttons not painted (silver colour, aluminum).