Helmet SSh-36 Khalkingolka with the star

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An excellent copy of the SSh-36 helmet made of non-hardened steel. The shape of the sphere is very good. The design of the liner is replicated in all details. The helmet is painted in the correct green color with a red star on the front (a late type of star that was applied in 1938-1939 before the appearance of the SSh-39).

The size fits to a head 58-59 cm. We have no other sizes! The size can be adjusted by adding or removing a sponge (felt) around the perimeter of the liner. The size of the sphere is 3 (approximately 29 cm along to the visor and 25.5 cm between the side "ears".

A steel replica of the helmet allows you to use it in reenactment without fear of damage. Nowadays, either restored SSh-36 helmets are available, which can expose a layer of putty or even crack on impact, or helmets made of plastic that are afraid of impacts. In the case of a steel helmet, impacts, on the contrary, will give it an aged, combat look.

Historical reference.

The SSh-36 helmet was the first Soviet-made steel helmet adopted by the Red Army. It was used in the battles on Khalkhin-Gol (where it got its nickname "Halkingolka"), in the Polish campaign, in the Winter War with Finland and in the initial period of the Great Patriotic War.

Before the appearance of the SSh-36 in the Red Army, helmets were not used in large quantities. Helmets were foreign, for example, "Hadrian's helmet", M17. Developed in the USSR M29 and M30 did not go into production. In mid-1934, the People's Commissariat of Defense of the USSR issued a task for the development of a new steel helmet for the Red Army. In 1935, the helmet began to be produced at the Leningrad Metallurgical Plant (ЛМЗ), and the following year it was adopted under the designation SSh-36.

In the course of its application, shortcomings were identified. The wide brim created a lot of air resistance and made it difficult to move, and the long visor reduced visibility. Therefore, in 1939, work began on the next helmet (SHh-39). And in 1940, the gradual replacement of the SH-36 with helmets of the new model began. However, the Great Patriotic War began, and the SSh-36 was used interspersed with the SSh-39 and SSh-40 until about 1942.