Helmet 1940

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Nice copy of the 1940 model helmet used by German soldiers throughout the war. The shape of the dome is accurately copied with smooth and accurate edges, neatly done liner, thick skin, strong assembly. The helmet is equipped with a liner and chin strap, it is ready to use. Feldgrau colour.

1. Dome shape: nice sphere shape.
2. Very smooth and accurate edge turning like on original helmets.
3. Size: original spheres of sizes 66, 68 is quite rare and expensive, the modest price for a good but bit rusty sphere for repainting is $250  (of course, without the liner, strap, paint and decals); in addition, the market offers a huge number of fakes made just from this helmet.
4. Liner reproduces the original in the details. The size stamp (68 n.A./60) and manufacturer's stamp (B & C LITZMANSTADT) in proper place. Skin is beige and thick, should be set on spherical shape (to moisten and on a mannequine head or to wear wet). Layer of felt is under the skin. You can only find wrong shape of the rivets and cut tips of the springs (should be rounded). But it is not difficult to  or you can leave it as it is.
5. Chin strap made of genuine leather of beige colour, it's set smooth (beige) side inside, and painted black on the outside, as it should be. There are marking RB.Nr. on the tip, and white metal buckle. Helmets, as it known, are often had been completed with parts of different years directly at the factory.

1. Ventilation holes: made along with the helmet but are quite not of the correct form, their center should be concave. It can be finalised by a drill or manually, using a blank from a nail. Metal lets bending.
2. The layer of felt under the skin part of the liner is of green, not brown colour.

What sizes?
The manufacturer offers 2 sizes. We label them accordingly to the markings on the leather part, although it is not really that simple.

Size 60.
The helmet bears marking TSR 68 (where the size of the sphere 68 is one of the most popular among reenactors in our time). The weight of the complete helmet is 1.4 kg, that corresponds to the weight of the original helmet with liner (from 1.3 to 1.5 kg for this size 68, depending on the manufacturer). The size of the liner (that is, the recommended size of the head) is specified as 60 (the mark on the skin), the mark on the liner's band is 68/60.

Size 58.
The helmet bears marking TSR 64 (where 64 is the size of the sphere). But real sphere size is 66 — the most wanted by reenactors. The size of the liner (that is, the recommended size of the head) is specified on leather detail as 58, but the metal liner is marked 64/57. And that's true, it's liner 57 roughly installed into the sphere 66. It sits tight on a head 58 cm.

Since there aren't so much copies of German helmets nowdays, and it's hard to find so adequate copy like this, it makes sense to alternate the liner if you want to get a different size. This might be done either by riveting the inner band down to a smaller size or by putting an extra layer of felt under the leather. If you want to modify the helmet, you can repaint it using our professional paint for German helmets, get the right texture and strength of the coating and install decals. If you want to make size 59 from 60, it is easy to install an additional felt pad under the skin part of the liner or (what is more correctly) narrowing (re-riveting) the inner band of the liner. You can also replace the liner.

The helmet is a copy for reenactment, it is not made of hardened steel. It is designed for reenactment, airsoft, paintball and filming.