Braid soutache for German uniform

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Price per 10 cm (1 decimeter). We offer special wholesale price from quantity of 25 m (the same: 250 dm or 1 reel).

Braid (or galloon, soutache) — an exact copy. Braid is a little shiny, as it should be. Braid doesn't contain metal thread. However, no modern copy on this price level contains metal thread. Metal thread mass production ceased in the second half of the XX century due to the enormous cost compared to non-metallic ones.

Comparison of our braid with the original (photo by Liau Wesley):

You need 7 dm for the collar and appr. the same for shoulder straps. We recommend to take 1.5 meters (15 dm) to finish the jacket along with shoulder straps. You can take less if you're sure. But please remember about the turning ends and about the curves (for example, along the collar and at the tips of the shoulder straps). The length of the braid is estimated by the longest (outer) side.

How to sew it on? Pre-war shoulder straps are pieces of tailor's art. Braid is laid so smoothly and sewn so neatly, with small stitches that it looks like it is cut out of metal. All corners are fitted with a triangle butt, and the creases on curves are laid as finely and imperceptibly as possible. With the beginning of the war, the sew became rougher, the ends could overlap with the usual turn.

They most likely used a pattern to lay the braid accurately. First, they folded with small creases using that pattern. And then they sew already shaped braid onto the shoulder strap. If you try to fold it "on the go", the creases will be large and uneven, and it will look "not very nice".