Winter fur SS parkas in stock!

Winter fur SS parkas in stock!

These new parkas are development of the Replika shop! The batch was sewn especially for us and from the materials selected by us. It's for sale nowhere else except us, although other copies can be found on the market (for example, the Chinese have a high sharp shoulder shape and, in general, a narrow, awkward cut).

The SS parkas of the 2nd model (buttons to the middle of the chest, with a large hood and breast pockets with folds) got their name "Kharkov" among collectors, because they were massively used during the fighting for Kharkov 1943.

We offer a choice of 4 types of faux fur: raccoon, gray, black (such as mink) and "lynx" (like civilian fur coats, from which they took fur for such parks in military Germany).

On sale are also pants to these parkas, which are very different from ordinary Heer winter pants and their copy can be bought from stock nowhere in the world except from us (that is, money today, and tomorrow the goods go to you).