Gymnastiorka enlisted men 1935-43 with tabs

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The field dress (Gymnastjorka) with collar tabs for a rifleman of the Red Army is the ready-made suit top for the reenactment of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the pre-war period. The Gymnastyorka is made from khaki diagonal cotton fabric. Such fabric is no longer being produced; it was ordered specifically for these copies. Black steel buttons are used (before the war they were black for privates and NCO). Collar tabs are made from raspberry insignia cloth with black edging, carefully sewn by a professional tailor.

The field shirt Gymnastjorka model 1935 was used in the Red Army from the beginning of the war until the introduction of the new form in 1943. After that, it was used with shoulder boards until the stocks of obsolete shirts were exhausted.

Do I need to supplement the collar tabs with emblems?

There is an opinion that infantry signs should be on the collar tabs (crossed rifles against the background of the target). Officially, such signs did not exist, however, they are rarely seen in the photo. Our opinion is no, there is no need to supplement it. The field dress is ready for use in the reenactment.

How to choose size?

You need to take a shirt that suits you well (you may take an office shirt). The correct size of the shirt when the sleeve seam is located at the shoulder end (and not down to arm). You need to measure the distance between the sleeve seams along the shoulder seam and behind the neck. Then choose the size of the tunic in the table below.

Russian sizeBetween shoulders, cmBetween shoulders, inches

The width of the shirt at the waist is always bigger than the shoulders, it is sewn as a loose shirt, "bell". The girth of the neck depends on the size. Sleeves length can vary depends on height. Typically, shirts up to size 50 are for 170 cm height, and size over 50 are for 180-185 cm. You can specify the neck girth and the length of the sleeves of your shirt by contacting our store in any way.

Historical reference.

"Gymnastiorka" (literally: gymnastics shirt) model 1935 was used in RKKA from during the war till 1943, when a new model uniform was adopted. After that it had been used with shoulder boards untill stockpiles were depleted.