LfW private paratrooper pilot peaked cap

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How to choose the size?

Use a centimeter flexible tape to determine the size (i.e. head circumference above the ears in centimeters). How to measure correctly, please follow the link.

The sizes that are available, you can put in the basket and buy right now. Other sizes are not expected in the near future.


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The cap of a private or non-commissioned officer of the Luftwaffe (up to officer rank); the military branch is flight personnel (pilots, ground technicians) or paratroopers. A blue-gray cloth top, a black band of braided ribbon, yellow edging, a black strap made of artificial leather. The visor is also made of artificial leather, with a sheathed edge, black lacquer on top, dark green on the bottom.

There's a leather band around the perimeter inside the cap, it has a perforation in front (to remove heat from the forehead), and on a brand of the manufacturer Anton Kreisel K.R.E.A.G.D.R.P u. D.R.G.M. on the side. Inside on the dome there is a celluloid detail to protect the top of the cap from head sweat. It bears the manufacturer's emblem printed with silver paint and a size tag.

Accurate metal insignias are installed on the cap.

Historical reference.

An example of an original cap of this type.