WhH tankman officer peaked cap

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This product is intended for military-historical reenactment (immersive stydy of history); for creating costumes for theatrical and film, video plays condemning Nazism and fascism; as well as for exhibiting in museums of military history. This product is not propaganda of ideas and criminals convicted by an International Military Tribunal, and should not be used for such a purpose! The photos have been edited in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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Wehrmacht tank officer's cap (Panzerwaffe des Heeres): feldgrau (dull green) top, dark green (bottle) band, pink edging (on this cap it is bright pink), silver cord made of metal wire (cold to the touch). The visor is made of dense fiber, black lacquered on the front side, as it was on the original peaked caps.

Inside, there is a plastic insert on the bottom of the cap, which protects the top of the cap from sweat from the top of the head. On it is the manufacturer's logo (made inside the plastic with silver paint). The cap has a leather band inside the band, on which there is a perforation in front (to remove heat from the forehead), and on the side there is a brand of the manufacturer Anton Kreisel K.R.E.A.G. D.R.P u. D.R.G.M. 

Metal insignias of high quality are installed on the cap. They look very good, like the original ones.