Luftwaffe officers peaked cap no insignia

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Attention, the metal insignias are sold separately! They are not included in the package of this product, despite the fact that they are shown in the photo. We don't install insignias on the peaked-caps. But they are easy to install yourself (the instruction is below). The silver cord is installed.

The peaked cap may be a little crumpled due to transportation, and there are metal, leather, and cardboard parts inside that give the cap shape. You just need to straighten the cap and give it the desired shape with your hands. If necessary, lightly wet or steam.

Luftwaffe officer's cap: blue-gray top, black specially patterned band, silver edging, silver cord made of metal wire (cold to the touch). The visor is made of artificial leather, top is glossy black, inside is dark-green.

There is a plastic insert inside the cap that protects the cap top from sweat from the head.

This cap should have by metal or bullion insignias (the cockade "with wings" and the Luftwaffe eagle). The insignias do not come with the cap! You can buy them in our store to suit your taste; we offer several options of different quality and at different prices. Not all signs are available at the same time.

You can choose only the sizes in stock and put in the basket. If the desired size is not available, then it is currently out of stock. It may appear later.

How to install the insignias on the cap?

It's not difficult. To install it, you will need a piece of chalk (or a sharp piece of soap).

Before installing the signs, you must first apply them and understand how they sit on the cap. Ideally, the cockade should sit exactly in the middle of the band (between the colored stripes), and the eagle should sit exactly in the middle of the upper part. But the cockade can be a little more or a little less than the band, so you need to try it on first. The eagle on the original caps sometimes sits slightly lower than the middle point (slightly closer to the cockade), this depended on the manufacturer and the tastes of the owner.

After fitting the metal signs, you need to bend their legs out and understand where to beat the holes under them. After that, the awl cuts holes, but not through, don't touch the lining. It is better to take a flat awl, because it does not leave traces on the cloth, and in the case of a bad positioned hole, you can make a new one next to it without serious consequences. But you can also use a round awl. Then you need to install the legs in the holes, and bend them to the center of the sign or to the sides. The legs remain under the lining (you need to bend them by touch).

To install the bullion (embroidered) insignia, you must first fasten them with a bright thread with coarse stitches, so that they take their place correctly. And then sew them with a thread of appropriate color over the edge, with oblique stitches. You should try to pierce only the top layer of cloth with a needle (without the base of the cap or lining). You should also try to make the stitches as short and inconspicuous as possible. Do not sew them as soft insignias, that is, every 4-5 mm of the edge. It is enough to fix them in several places so that no side is bulging. After sewing, remove the bright thread with which the signs were fastened.