Assembled canteen field bottle 1931/40 for reenactment

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How is the reenactment canteen different from the original? The original canteen, no matter how good it may be, will very quickly become unusable if used in reenactment. First of all, this applies to leather parts: the strap usually breaks. The leather may look good, but it loses its elasticity over time. So, after getting wet in the rain, you can easily break the tip of the strap or loops of the cover.

Using the original canteen in the reenactment, you can destroy the collection item quite quickly - and be again without the canteen, buy it once more or repair it!

Therefore, we offer an original canteen stamped FSS39, but with good copies of the lid, mug, case and strap.

The canteen is original, without holes and fistulas, in excellent condition. There are small dints on the canteen because it was used in the war. The canteen was preserved in an attik, cleaned with special chemicals from the inside so that you can drink from it again. The mug is copy made of aluminum and coated with black semi-gloss paint, stamp TSR40. Light food aluminum. We worked on the handles, they are folding now. Strap with steel parts (such appeared in 1940). Bakelite lid (copy), these also appeared in 1940 to replace aluminum lids.

Volume 800 ml.

Historical reference.

The mug was included in the standard field bottle of the Wehrmacht since 1931. From 1941 on, it could be painted in olive green. In 1943 steel mugs began to appear, that were slightly smaller in height and painted red primer and (not always) olive paint.