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Insignia with an edelweiss flower in an oval made of rope with a ring and a hook at the top. The badge with the edelweiss symbol is the distinguishing mark of the Wehrmacht Mountain Jaegers. Edelweiss has white petals and a yellow center, the stem is green. The badge is embroidered with white thread and is intended for the rank and file badge of the mountain ranger of the Wehrmacht - up to and including the Stabsfeldwebel ("headquarters / feldwebel", foreman). It was worn on the right sleeve (above the elbow, the upper point of the oval is 16 cm below the shoulder seam). Size 5x6.5 cm.

The embroidery of the flower is of impeccable quality. Accurate and dense stitching, clear contours ensure the beauty and historically correct shape of the edelweiss image.

Historical reference.

Mountain rangers (in german: Gebirgsjäger) were elite troops, their training required time and labor. The task of mountain rifle units was to conduct combat operations in mountainous areas, capture and defend mountain passes, carry out bypass and flank maneuvers using special climbing equipment.

Initially, these units were staffed by the natives of the mountainous regions of Southern Germany, Bavaria and Austria. In addition to the unique elements of the uniform (caps, boots, pants made of special material), they wore signs with the image of a mountain edelweiss flower on their uniforms. The edelweiss flower on a green background became the emblem of the 1st mountain infantry division of the armed forces of the Third Reich (Wehrmacht), its common name and talisman.

Signs on a dark green background were used in the Wehrmacht, in the SS the background of the signs was black. In the SS, mountain units appeared later than in the Wehrmacht.

Source: wikipediaproza.ruyaplakal.com.