Police decal eagle

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This copy is an independent new development made specifically for the Replika store, it is not a reprint from copies. Based on the original samples, we have developed a computer model. The thickness of the frame, the dimensions and the slopes of the parts are carefully checked. The decals have the right proportions and perfect symmetry. The decals were printed on professional equipment, the print conveys the smallest details.

We sell only one shield here — an eagle. To get the kit, you need to buy another shield: decal SS-flag of the party 2 model.

There are 3 colors used on the decal: black, white and silver. Silver serves as shadows on the image, as it was on the original.

How to install the decal?

Put the piece of paper with the image (as it is, you do not need to cut anything) in warm water for 30-60 seconds. If there are advertising elements on the decal (logo or frame), you can remove them (clean them with your fingers) from the piece of paper. After that, you need to put the decal on the surface of the helmet and, holding the drawing with your finger, pull out a piece of paper from under it. Set the drawing evenly, wetting it with water if it sticks. You can outline in advance with a pencil on the surface where the edges of the drawing should fall. Remove the water from under the drawing with a rag or toilet paper, holding the drawing with your fingers so as not to move it.

To prevent the decal from being washed off with water, it can be varnished (sold in cans in stores for artists or motorists). The varnish for decals on helmets was usually shiny and covered the area of the decal plus 1-2 mm from the edge. You can also "bake" the decal, that is, heat the helmet in the oven so that it is not pleasant to touch it with your hand from the heat, but not more, so as not to burn the paint. Baking does not always give a good result the first time (the decal can swell if there was air under it), but with a good result, the decal is so firmly held that it can only be removed together with the paint, it literally melts into the paint.

Historical reference.

The second model of the Police decal is the most mass-produced, it is distinguished by an additional black outline along the edge. There are several options. As a result of the study of the samples, we found out that the police decals have a mostly white background, but the area inside the wreath is filled with silver. Also, silvery "shadows" give volume to the eagle and the wreath, distinguishing it from the flat eagles of the Wehrmacht. This unique feature of Police decals is observed on our copy!

The police decal was usually installed on the left side of the helmet. A shield with the symbols of the 2nd model party (a red shield with a white circle and a black swastika) was usually installed on the right side.