Chlorine vial

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Original German vials for ready-mixed decontaminating liquid against sores and irritations on skin after a poison-gas attack. Differnt producers, year 1940.

Every phial had a paper manual that mostly gone with time.

Historical reference.

Such plastic bottle was a part of anti-gas equipment of every soldier for the Third Reich (including gas mask in a metal storage box and impregnated cover in a bag). Bottles were introduced in 1940. Before this (and some years after) bakelite boxes with a powder inside were used. Once it was supposed it would be difficult to make aperture from the powder in the field (particulary under bombs or right after a gas attack) and then bottles with ready-made liquid were introduced. Vials made of orange plastic appeared not earlier than 1942.

Liquid in the vial smells with chlorine badly, so some collectors call these vials "chlorine-boxes".