Case cover for passport Soldbuch metal embossing

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Case cover for a passport or another paper document made of leather. It is metal embossed with the inscription Soldbuch zugleich Personalausweis (a soldier's book, it is also a personal identification card). The labels may be more or less indented, depending on the specific piece. The leather is stitched with golden yellow thread, which is in perfect harmony with the inscriptions and gives a special finished look to the product. The covers are hand-varnished to make them more durable; therefore, there are dust pieces in the varnish. Keep this in mind when choosing a product.

We offer black leather covers with vinyl and lacquer coating (2 protective layers):
• Lettering + eagle — gold stamping (sold more expensive).
• Lettering + eagle — silver stamping (sold more expensive).
• Only lettering (no eagle) — gold stamping.
• Only lettering (no eagle) — silver stamping.
• Only lettering (no eagle) — silver lettering on Feldgrau leather (pale green), not black.

You can choose the color and type next to the Add to Cart button. If there is not any color / type available, then it is sold out. We do not produce goods to order, you can only buy what is available.

What are discounted covers?

We offer several cases at a reduced price. The reason for the discount: not completely printed or on the contrary merged details of the eagle, letters. Discount does not mean a defect! Discount means that the craftsman had remarks for this particular product; not quite perfect embossing, which shall not be noticeable for a non-specialist. We are ready to provide you with a photo of your cover or several to choose from, so that you can be sure that you are buying.

From the markdown we have (if not already sold out):
• Lettering + eagle — gold stamping, dicsount (sold at the price of the same cover without the eagle, that is 20% cheaper than the full price).
• Only lettering (no eagle) — gold lettering (sold a quarter cheaper than the same cover without remarks).

Examples of remarks that led to a discount of the product are shown in the photo below (circled in red). The symbols is overpainted red only on the image to prevent its public display in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation and severalother countries.

Attention! This cover is intended for a modern identification document (passport) measuring 12.5 x 9 cm. Please check the size of your document with a ruler before buying the cover! This cover is not intended for the Wehrmacht soldier’s book, because the soldier’s book has a larger format and will not fit into this cover. This cover is not a product for reenactment, but a souvenir product for reenactors, collectors, etc.

Each cover includes a plastic insert that turns the cover into a convenient organizer for auto documents (with a pocket in A4 format for insurance docs) and bank or discount cards.