Cover for medical field bottle 1 liter

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Material — brown felt. Not cloth (without woven structure). Thickness about 2 mm.

The buttons have a good deep "stars" on face. They are made of yellow metal like the originals, the upper part is painted black. On the inside there is an simple marking: stars (***), no modern inscriptions like "super star", "strong" or "xiao myao". These buttons exclusive production of "Replika" shop! We also sell buttons separately and have wholesale price for them.

There were no peg and loops on covers for medical flasks, the flask was worn in a special leather harness.

The field bottle in the photograph is not for sale. It demonstrates how our cover looks on the original flask. You can assemble such a flask by yourself using the accessories that are sold in our store (cover, strap, lid, mug). Getting the original aluminum flask is still not a problem nowdays.

How to install the cover?

Covers are delivered flat, and at first glance seem small. They are not small: you need to put the cover on the flask, then wet it with water and straighten it on the flask. Felt is a supple material without a structure (that's why hats of various shapes is made of it), it can be molded into any flask shape. If there are folds, straighten them distributing the cover on the field bottle.

If the folds cannot be straightened manually, you need to wrap the cover with a cloth tape to press the folds. Remove the tape after drying the cover. 

If in some place the cover is large, wet it with hot water. It will shrink strongly, taking the shape of a flask.