Tent accessory case original

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A cover made of green dense fabric. Produced, most likely, by the allies of Germany (because the model is German, but the execution is not). Genuine leather belts. Steel or plastic buttons. There are ink stamps on the cover (or there are not). This case can be easily altered to look like a German: you need to sew leather straps and install German accessories for this.

All cases are used. They can be as in the photo or worse (washed). But all cases are unbroken. We do not sell torn cases or cases with a lack of parts. We can take a photo of your case on request.

See the tab "Historical reference" on the history of this garment and its variants.

Historical reference.

Original sets of accessories to the tent, produced according to German standards, looked like this.

Different types of German tent stakes (along with poles, accessory case and the tent). Pictures from gerhard03.blog61.fc2.com

From left to right: bag, stakes WW1, stakes WW2, poles, rope. Picture from mp44.nl