Camo smock Planetree 1st model 1940-45

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A good and not expensive copy of the M40 smock. There is no elastic and a wind valve on chest (they disappeared with the 1938 model). There are 2 slots with valves on the chest to access the tunic's pockets. In fact, they are not useful, and some soldiers sewed them up on their own. When worn, it was customary to stick cuffs of sleeves and sometimes the bottom of the blouse under the elastic and inside the blouse.

The blouse is fully reversible, bilateral (on the side are green shades for summer and on the other side are brown shades for autumn). Colouring (camouflage scheme): Plane plane No. 3 (the original name is Platanenmuster 3). It camouflages well thanks to contrasting spots, similar to the shadow of tree foliage. It is a “classic” camouflage scheme of the SS troops, it was used throughout the Second World War.

Material of the correct thickness and texture: dense but thin cotton linen weave, camouflage applied on both sides of the fabric.

In blouses of this color and cut, the SS troops fought from the very beginning of the war in Europe and Russia. In 1943, the M42 model was noticeably widespread, and by 1944 the Planetree coloring was already rare, it was replaced by the Oakleaf camouflage, which was easier to manufacture (it was printed on a special machine, without manual screening). Then suits in camouflage "Pea" appeared.

How to choose a size?

In general, you need to take a smock the same size as your jacket. But before that, it is better to measure your chest and understand your size. If you choose the size according to the principle “well, I wear L”, then you can be mistaken, because L is a conditional size, which means simply “large”.
• Chest girth - the recommended girth of a bare chest for a given size; it is necessary to measure with a flexible meter or rope with armpits; pumped men need to remember that a developed chest at the girth may be more than the recommended girth (average), but a larger size will have longer sleeves!
• Breast width - hereinafter measurements are taken on a smock lying flat on the floor; the smock has a straight cut, so the width of the chest = the width of the skirt (bottom); the width of the chest can be measured along the bottom of the smock;
• Minimum waist - waist smocks along the elastic band;
• Back lenght - from the neck to the elastic (to the waist);
• Sleeves (between cuffs) - the distance between the right and left cuff (rubber bands on the wrists).

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International sizeRussian size
Chest girth, cm
Breast width, cm
Minimum waist, cm
Back lenght, cm
Sleeves (between cuffs), cm

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