Oakleaf camo smock 2nd model

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How to choose the size?

You can choose the size remotely by choosing the size of the table itself. You will need a flexible meter or at least a rope. Measure similar smock or jacket that fits you. Size description:
• Chest girth — recommended bare-chest girth for a the smock size, to be worn over a sweater and tunic; in brackets the corresponding European size.
• Between the cuffs — the smock is lying on the floor, the sleeves are spread out, measure in a straight line between the elastic bands (including the elastic bands).
• Back height — the length of the back of a smock from neck to the elastic at the waist, including the elastic.
• Breast width — smock is lying on the floor, measure from armpit to armpit below the sleeves.
• Min. waist — minimum waist around held by an elastic band.

The main size of the smock is the chest girth. You need to start with it. Other sizes either depend on it or are listed for reference. If you choose the size according to the principle “well, I wear L”, then you can be mistaken, because L is a conditional size, which means simply “large”. Divide centimeters by 2,54 to get inches.

Compliance is true for this product only!
SizeChest girth, cm
Between the cuffs, cmBack height, cmBreast width, cm
Min. waist, cm
S96 (48)176507584
M100 (50)178527888
L104 (52)180548192
XL108 (54)182568496
2XL112 (56)1845887100
3XL116 (58)1866090104

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you to find the size.

You can choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size, you won't find it there. Other sizes may appear later.


A copy of the SS smock (blouse) model 1942 (the so-called 2nd model) in the camouflage "Oakleaf" (Eichenlaubmuster). There are pockets with flaps on button under the waistband of the smock. No slits on the chest (for access to the pockets of the field jacket, as it was on the 1st model).

The smock is completely reversible, double-sided (one side is in green shades for summer and on the other is in brown for autumn).