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The Danzig Cross (German: Danziger Kreuz) is a Nazi memorial sign for the development of the Nazi Party in the free city of Danzig. Templar cross (a kind of Maltese cross) with the coat of arms of the free city of Danzig - two crosses (smaller sizes), located one above the other, with a crown at the top. The reverse side is clean. It is covered with gilding and white enamel.

Historical reference.

The Danzig Cross was established on August 31, 1939 by Gauleiter Danzig Albert Forster. The cross had 2 classes. This sign was awarded to those who made a significant contribution to the development of the NSDAP in a free city.

88 crosses of the first class and 253 of the second were awarded. Most of them were presented at the ceremony on October 24, 1939.

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