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The original steel button of the Red Army in a protective green paint. Made of three parts (bottom, cap with a star and a leg). Suitable for overcoats, pea coats and padded jackets. Diameter 22 mm. The exact production time is unknown. On the reverse side, the Mosstamp (Мосштамп — Moscow stamping factory) brand is seen.

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Historical reference.

The main changes in the buttons of the army of the Soviet Union were in 1936, 1940 and 1943. But unlike changes in uniforms, the design of buttons and the materials used did not change so significantly.

The following types of buttons can be distinguished:

  • overcoat (large size) with a diameter of 22 mm,
  • tunic (medium size) — 18 mm,
  • tunic (small size) — 14 mm.
  • trouser metal buttons of two sizes, large — with a diameter of 17 mm and small — with a diameter of 14 mm.

Small deviations from the specified diameter were allowed.

The main materials for manufacturing were brass or white steel, copper and zinc were used much less frequently.

The buttons consisted of three stamped parts: an overlaid front plate, a bottom and an eyelet for sewing on. Trouser buttons were made of two parts interconnected. For everyday uniforms, buttons were dyed or inked. For the front door, they were covered with golden paint or transparent varnish.

Similar buttons were used by paramilitary organizations. Only the drawings of the applied front plate differed.

Source: wwii.space