Set of ointments 1940s Zinc Boric Mosquito repellant

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Price for a set of ointments 5 pieces of 10 mg. Other items that can be seen in the photo are for color and size purposes only and are not included in the price of this item but are sold as separate items on our website.

Set of 5 tubes of Wehrmacht ointments 10 mg each. Such ointments in tubes of 10 or 20 mg were included in the equipment of soldiers of the army of the Third Reich during World War II, empty they can often be found in trenches or in dumps near dugouts. We offer a modern analogue of ointments in a copy of the historical packaging. Description of each tube:

  • "Muckensalbe " — ointment for protection against mosquito bites. The cream contains a modern repellent substance, which provides high protective properties of the cream and safety for the skin.
  • "Borsalbe" — boric ointment. In the 1940s, it was used as an antiseptic. Today, due to its toxic properties, its use is not advisable, therefore, in our copy, we use a safe antiseptic based on chlorhexidine in gel form. Suitable for hand treatment and decontamination of small wounds.
  • "Frostschutzsalbe" — frostbite ointment (prevents possible frostbite). Protects the skin from low temperatures, accompanied by wind, snow and high humidity. The cream is applied to dry open areas of the body (hands, face) before going outside.
  • "Lichtschutzsalbe " — sunscreen ointment. Waterproof cream with SPF 30 protection and an unobtrusive scent.
  • "Zinkpaste" — zinc ointment. An excellent remedy for the treatment of diaper rash, calluses, minor thermal and sunburns. It has a drying effect, well relieves skin irritation. Has sunscreen properties.

The inscriptions on the tubes are made with resistant paint. All tubes have an inscription along the edge "Leere Tuben sammeln!" (collect empty tubes!).

Limitation of seller’s liability.

The set consists of real edible products of industrial (with the replacement of factory packaging for historical) or piece (home) production. All components were packaged usable (within the expiration date). The expiration dates on the historical packaging (if any) are given in terms of historical compliance, and have nothing to do with the actual expiration dates of the products inside. You need to understand that this set is primarily a game element, props, and only then a set that can be used for its intended purpose. Also, other products for reenactment, although they are full-fledged, are primarily focused on creating the appearance and sensation of use. That is, the appearance and properties of the goods for reenactment are close to the original, however, the goods for reenactment did not pass special testing for use in the army or during military operations (for example, a game helmet will not protect from fragments in a real battle).

The decision on the use of the set as a food is made by the buyer, assessing the condition of the products and the age of the purchase. By purchasing this product, you declare that you have read and agree to the seller’s liability limitation.

Historical reference.

Original Wehrmacht ointments. Photo Alexey Khokhlachev from the Military Archeology group VKontakte.